March 24th, 2008

tv - thousand dollar waffles

A trip down memory lane...

Okay. This is a crapload treasure trove of icons I've entered in icontests over the past ten months. Yep, ten months. Since I'm attempting to organize what's left of my hard drive since I lost most of my pics and art, I found these and figured I should let them see the light of day. And they're sorta-kinda-maybe in chronological order, so if you notice any big differences in quality/style/what-have-you as you scroll down, don't be alarmed. (Once I fully replenish my pic collection, I'll make some stuff for a more current, hopefully better icon post.)

+83 PotC icons (Willabeth, Sparrabeth, General - it's all mixed up!)
+13 Atonement icons
+5 Pride and Prejudice icons

Usual rules apply: Comment, credit, don't hotlink or alter without my permission, etc.


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