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I break dance a lot, rolled up in my caddy to Camelot

You there! Do you enjoy BBC's cracktastic show Merlin? ...No? THEN YOU MAY LEAVE THIS POST. But if you do, then perhaps this is for you:

Sign-ups on now for the LAS/LIMS competition hosted by


Oh, and for those of you still expecting a certain picspam series about a movie that rhymes with "The Highlight Gaga: Ew, Spoon," it is coming soon, my darlings. ;)
tv - thousand dollar waffles

The Twilight Picspam of Epicnessity: Part Eight.

SO HERE IT IS, THE FINAL INSTALLMENT. You've all been patient angels, seriously. I love you guys, and I would have stopped this months ago if it weren't for you all. ♥

And so, without further ado, The Finale of the Twilight Picspam of Epic-Nessie-ty (SEE WHAT I DID THAR? ... never mind), now with bigger, brighter and better picspam pictures! AW YEAH.

(Plus this installment is really long. Like, super long. Enjoy.)

Warnings for this Installment Include: Cussing, Sexual Innuendo, a surplus of GIFs, RPattz getting high... the usual.
(Find all previous installments HERE.)

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Half-Blood Prince Picspam. BECAUSE IT WILL BE EPIC.

All I can say is, OH MY GOD. Which I typoed as, "OH MY GOOD," which is... the same thing? Hmm.

HALF-BLOOD PRINCE IS COMING OUT NEXT WEEK. And HBP is basically my favorite installment of the series (hey, I love Deathly Hallows, but then there was that whole thing with the epilogue - oh never mind), so yeah, PICSPAM TIME. Plus this works for the current challenge atpicspammy, so as Michael Scott would say, WIN/WIN/WIN.

Warnings Include: MAJOR SPOILERS, and... no snarky commentary, contrary to my usual custom. (HP IS SRS BSNS, LOL.)

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The Twilight Picspam of Epicnessity: Part Six.

HEY BITCHES, I'M BACK. Apologies for my lateness. And you all get cookies for being so patient. ♥

I have a question for you guys - would you like the picspam pics to be bigger/smaller? They're currently 600x300 each. What do you think? Anyways:

Warnings For This Installment: Bad Language, Sexual References, and the Low-Down on Contraception.

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Icons! Egad!


So here are some.

1 >> 3: Flight of the Conchords
4 >> 6: Skins (S1)
7 >> 45: Skins (S3)
46 >> 51: Kristen Stewart, Adventureland
52 >> 73: Twilight
1 Twilight Header

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